The Independent Sector calculates the value of volunteer time as $24.14/hour. Our volunteers contributed over 4,700 hours in 2017. That translates to more than $110,000 in services to the Foundation. Thank you.

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Volunteer of the Month: August

Andrew Duncan

Once he heard about our inaugural Studio e program, an expressive arts program for people with epilepsy,  Andrew jumped in with enthusiasm to lend his artistic talents to our group.  Our summer 2018 series was the first to focus on young people, ages 11 to 18, and our first in Lowell, at the Brush Gallery and Jean Winslow's Studio II.  


Andrew’s kind and gentle manner allowed him to connect easily with the participants, and he showed the group how to “go with the flow” and enjoy the process of creating art. Andrew shared his love for collaborative art by guiding participants through the creation of a fun group mural. He also encouraged the group to express themselves musically by helping them to craft drums out of recycled materials for an impromptu drumming session!

“Andrew was simply amazing with our kids. Seeing kids’ strengths, helping channel each person’s creative energy, and giving up a whole week of evenings for kids he’d never met: Andrew is very special, and I am very grateful,” said Chanda Gunn, the Foundation’s Youth Programming Specialist.

Andrew Duncan is the head of Enterprise Banks’ Nonprofit Collaborative and is the Banks’ Art Collection Manager.  Banker by day, Andrew has an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy.  He is often seen engaging strangers and friends in collaborative art on the streets of Lowell.  Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your time and talents with us, and for inspiring our young artists each night.


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3) Reference Check
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4) Background Check
Certain volunteer positions, including all camp volunteers, all support services help desk volunteers, and all volunteers working 1:1 with clients, will require background checks. If you have questions on this process, please contact Susan Welby at or call (617) 506-6041 x102.

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