November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.
Each day we are Thankful for our community members who are Lighting the Way. 


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Audrey Kadis (Nov. 1)

Our November Gala honors Audrey Kadis, who is an advocate, volunteer, and leader for our community. For her outstanding support of the epilepsy community in honor of her two children with epilepsy, and for her lifelong devotion to Tikkun Olam (the belief that we all share the responsibility to act for social justice and to make the world a better place), we are grateful.  


Matt Tice (Nov. 2)

Matt Tice tragically lost his fiancee, Erika Preve, to SUDEP, last spring. Matt has shown incredible courage during the months that have followed Erika's death. Matt, his family, Erika's family, friends, and co-workers came together to raise over $30,000 at our Boston Walk for Epilepsy.

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John O'Hurley (Nov. 3)

John O'Hurley is famous for his roles in film and music, which include Mr. Peterman on Seinfeld and hosting the National Dog Show. But John is also a fierce advocate for the epilepsy community, having lost his sister Carol to SUDEP when they were teens.


Ted Bunn (Nov. 4)

As the parent of a child with epilepsy, Ted's dedication to making an impact for a better tomorrow led him to serve on our Board of Director's. He is an expert in raising support for children and families living with epilepsy.


Dr. Elizabeth Thiele (Nov. 5)

Dr. Thiele is an educator, researcher, and leader in the epilepsy community. She is internationally recognized for her work at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University. She founded the MGH Ketogenic Diet Program.


Karen Secore (Nov. 6)

Secore, MS APRN, Nurse Practitioner and Instructor of Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Epilepsy Center was a vital contributor in the development of the DHMC Epilepsy Center. We are honored to have her as a steadfast partner.


Dr. Alice Lam (Nov. 7)

Dr. Lam is a clinician scientist at MGH and Instructor in Medicine at Harvard University. Her commitment to patients extends beyond the hospital and university, assisting with support groups and volunteering at our camps.


Patty Shafer (Nov. 8)

Patricia was instrumental in the development of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She has been at the center of epilepsy patient care, advocacy, and education for decades.


Dr. Barbara Dworetzky (Nov. 9)

Dr. Dworetzky, chief of Brigham & Women's Hospital Division of Epilepsy, was instrumental in the development of the program and nationally recognized for excellence in teaching, clinical care, and collaboration.


Dr. Curt LaFrance (Nov. 10)

Dr. LaFrance bridges neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience to better understand brain-behavior disorders. We are especially grateful for his service to the veteran community.


Dr. Laurie Douglass (Nov. 11)

Dr. Douglass is at the helm of advancing Telehealth Epilepsy Care for children. Her research interests include dietary therapies, seizures in the developing brain, and transitional care.


Dr. Andrew Blum (Nov. 12)

Dr. Blum, Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Rhode Island Hospital and Professor and Vice Chair of Neurology at Brown University has been recognized nationally for contributions to epilepsy care, education, and research.


Dr. Barbara Jobst (Nov. 13)

Dr. Jobst established the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Intraoperative Monitoring Program and the Women's Seizure Clinic. She is a principal investigator of the CDC's Managing Epilepsy Well Networks.


Dr. Steven Schachter (Nov. 14)

Dr. Schachter of Harvard Medical School and founder of the journal 'Epilepsy and Behavior' is our champion today for his teaching and writing for the epilepsy community.


Dr. Phillip Pearl (Nov. 15)

Dr. Pearl is a teacher, writer, researcher, and piano virtuoso and we are thankful for his support of our foundation and the epilepsy community at large.


Jeff Glidden (Nov. 16)

Jeff Glidden, a leader in Boston's technology community for 40+ years, has served our Executive Board for 15+ years and played an early role in funding research to develop new epilepsy therapies.


Dr. John Gaitanis (Nov. 17)

Dr. Gaitanis, Chief of Child Neurology, Tufts Medical Center/Floating Hospital for Children, has been recognized for contributions to pediatric epilepsy care, research, and education.


James Boudrot (Nov. 18)

Jim Boudrot is an Executive Vice President with NAI Hunneman. He has served on our board since 2014. Jim initially began his involvement with us by volunteering as a fundraiser.


Bill Murphy (Nov. 19)

Bill Murphy, EFNE Director of Advocacy & Public Policy, was a founding member (1980), and first Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association of Greater Boston, now known as EFNE.


Brad Rich (Nov. 20)

Brad Rich was selected to serve as the President of Epilepsy Foundation New England Donation Center in 2015. Brad and his wife Donna have been dedicated to supporting epilepsy families since the early 1990's, when their daughter Amanda was diagnosed.