Entrance Requirements

The Career Navigator program is committed to helping you overcome your challenges and reach your fullest potential.  For that reason, in order to participate, you must be committed to your personal growth including being ready to do whatever it takes to become prepared for, and to acquire and retain a job.  Each of us has real and perceived limitations that prevent us from achieving our professional goals.  Because the majority of the hard work happens before you get your dream job, we understand that this is a journey, and we are here to help you navigate that journey.

If this sounds intriguing, and you would like to speak to someone who is dedicated to your growth and to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals, please contact Michael Paglia at navigate@epilepsynewengland.org.

Other Program Options

Coaching: If you have successfully participated in the workshops and desire a one-on-one coaching experience, in order to work through professional interest identification or habitual or behavior barriers to work success, then one-on-one coaching might be the right step for you.  You can apply for coaching after having participated in a full educational series.

Accommodation / Advocacy Support: Sometimes things just don’t go as planned and you may need support understanding your rights and preparing to advocate for yourself at work.  Others may face changing work expectations or capacity and require assistance in developing and asking for reasonable accommodations.  When appropriate, EFNE’s Employment Services program can assist with these challenges as well. If your particular need does not fall within our area of expertise, we will do our best to refer you to the most appropriate resource.

Entrepreneurial Training: Some people's greatest dream is to open a small business.  If this is your passion, but fear, a lack of knowledge or your epilepsy have held you back, we might be able to assist.  

Employer Engagement: Some jobs are hard to fill and others have un-manageablely high turnover.  Perhaps EFNE’s Employment Services can assist you by partnering with you in the development of your recruitment and training pipeline. Our clients are hardworking, driven and dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with supportive employers, EFNE's Employment Services might just be the perfect solution to your staffing challenges. 

Our Support Network

EFNE's Career Navigator is guided and supported by a committed group of community leaders, called the CAREER NAVIGATOR Advisory Council

This mission is supported by an Employment Services Advisory Council who are committed to building a program that equalizes access to gratifying and financially sustaining jobs through innovation in assessments, coaching, training and support, focused specifically on the needs of individuals living and working with Epilepsy. Advisory Council members include:

  • Amanda Rich, CNA
  • Steve Austin, VP, Media Relations, Fidelity
  • Kristianne Widman, Employer Liaison, North Suburban Employment Collaborative
  • Rich Mcllveen, VP, Corporate Investigations, Iron Mountain
  • Kimberly Wilmett, Ph.D, Neuropsychologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital 
  • Subs Acharya, Strategy Director
  • Jeff Glidden, retired, EFNE Board member
  • Elaine Kiriakopoulos, MD, MSc, Neurologist, EFNE's COO


Contact Michael Paglia, Career Navigator Coordinator, for more information:


617-506-6041 x 105