School Nurse Training

Managing students with seizures is a training program designed to provide school nurses with information, strategies and resources that will enable them to better manage students with epilepsy. The program is divided into three modules to assist the school nurse in learning to effectively manage seizures in a school environment.

  • Supporting positive treatment outcomes
  • Maximizing educational and developmental opportunities
  • Ensuring a safe and supportive environment 

The Managing Students with Seizures training is free and accredited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nurses can earn 3.2 CNEs. To learn more and register to take the training online please visit:

School Personnel Training

Seizure Training for School Personnel is designed for all school staff (faculty, administration, specialists, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors, school psychologists, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers). The curriculum may be offered live as a professional development workshop or be taken online. The program helps school staff to recognize the most common forms of seizures likely to be seen in school, explains the appropriate first aid response, and provides ways to provide social and academic support to the student with epilepsy. The program uses a Power point presentation along with video footage of these common forms of seizures.

To schedule a live training in your school call Susan Welby at (617) 506-6042 or email

Child Care Personnel Training

Seizure Training for Child Care Personnel is a curriculum developed by the Epilepsy Foundation for child care providers instructing them on proper seizure first aid for young children. Contact the Epilepsy Foundation New England to request the Seizure Training for Child Care Personnel program kit which includes a facilitator’s guide, handouts, evaluation instruments, a CD-ROM with a PowerPoint presentation, a DVD, and parent resource materials.

My Friend Matty

Is and in-school epilepsy awareness program designed for pre-school and elementary school-aged children that teachers can re-produce in one classroom period. The program was designed to honor Matthew Siravo, a five-year-old boy who died due to a prolonged seizure in 2003.

Schools participating in Matty Hatty programs will find that the easy to follow curriculum that not only builds epilepsy awareness, but is also a fun and exciting way to educate children on the significance of acceptance and the value of celebrating diversity. It empowers students as they learn what to do in case they witness someone having a seizure.

First: Students read the book “My Friend Matty.”

Second: Teachers answer questions using fun materials and activities as a guide.

First Responder Training

In support of our law enforcement and EMS personnel who do an outstanding job recognizing and handling individuals experiencing seizures the Epilepsy Foundation New England (EFNE) in partnership in conjunction with the national Epilepsy Foundation can provide Seizure Training for First Responders.

This training is essential in providing first responders with the tools they need to be aware of the many different presentations which can be associated with a person who is having a seizure. In limited cases, because seizure disorders present in many different ways, first responders may respond with inappropriate force secondary to behaviors associated with seizures, interpreting undirected, involuntary and unorganized movements as aggression. The results can be fatal for the person with epilepsy, especially when dangerous restraint practices are used.

Training for First Responders is offered three ways: 

  1. Where You Are:  Accredited live, classroom-based training conducted by the Epilepsy Foundation New England. 
  2. DVDs and training manuals for first responders are available at the national Epilepsy Foundation online store. Link to the online store.
  3. Online training is available through the national Epilepsy Foundation. To register and participate in online training visit:

 Training Program for Caregivers and Senior-Serving Organizations

The Epilepsy Foundation New England and national Epilepsy Foundation provide training to caregivers and personnel who serve seniors.  Seniors & Seizures Training is designed to provide caregivers and staff of adult day care centers, senior centers, long-term facilities, nursing homes, and other senior-serving organizations with strategies to better recognize and respond to seizures among older adults.

Upon completing the training, participants will be able to

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of epilepsy and how it affects the older population
  • Identify, recognize, and respond to different types of seizures in older adults 

For further information regarding this training program please visit:


Please find listed below a series of training related videos made available to EFNE and our epilepsy community through the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Click on any title to link to the video:

Understanding and Assisting People with Epilepsy

Back to School Nurse and School Personnel Training

A Guide to Seizure Management for Emergency Responders

It Could Be Epilepsy – A Field Guide for Law Enforcement

Seniors and Seizures

Childcare Provider Training


Please find listed below a series of videos made available through Epilepsy Ottawa, Canada. Find out how to identify three common types of seizures and how to respond when you see someone having one of these seizures.

Click on any title to link to the video:

Tonic Clonic Seizure (Previously called Grand Mal Seizure)

Focal Seizure with Altered Awareness (Sometimes called Complex Partial Seizure)

Absence Seizure (Previously called Petit Mal Seizure)