Christine Chassé is an ICF- certified executive coach and works with clients to provoke authentic and sustainable change toward exceptional work and uncompromised living.  Using a combination of psychometric assessment tools and powerful questions, challenges, and encouragement, Christine helps her clients uncover the best in themselves and the best they can bring to their organizations.  Prior to working as a coach, Christine drove the education strategy and implementation at Management Research Group, a research-based assessment provider focused on leadership and personal development, and previously managed and led instruction at a couple of software companies and in a high-school classroom.   

Christine has a Master’s in Education from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University.   She lives in Falmouth, Maine with her husband, son, two step-children, and several pets, where she spends her free time playing tennis, doing yoga, and socializing with friends and family.  Christine’s involvement with epilepsy came when her son Sawyer was diagnosed at 7 years old with a rare form of epilepsy called Landau-Kleffner syndrome.  She is excited to be on the Board of Directors of EFNE to help raise awareness about epilepsy, develop connections within the epilepsy community, and help explore new treatments and cures.