The Matthew Siravo Memorial Foundation, known as The Matty Fund, was created by Richard and Debra Siravo in 2003 after their five-year-old son, Matty, passed away from a prolonged epileptic seizure. Since its first act of building a handicap-accessible playground at Matty’s preschool, the organization grew to provide family resources, raise epilepsy awareness, promote patient safety, and improve the quality of life for children and families living with epilepsy.

During its lifetime, The Matty Fund built many innovative programs including the Matty Hatty school-aged epilepsy awareness program, presented an annual symposium at Rhode Island Hospital by nationally-known epilepsy experts, established research grants for undergraduates at Brown University, founded Camp Matty, a therapeutic horseback riding camp, and created a scholarship fund for high school students going on to study at institutes of higher learning.

In early 2017, The Matty Fund merged with Epilepsy Foundation New England to become The Matty Project in Rhode Island. As the united entity, EFNE/The Matty Project will continue to offer the successful programs that it developed, including Camp Matty and the Matty Hatty awareness program, while bringing those programs to the regional areas EFNE serves in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.