• What is studio E?

          Studio E is designed to-offer group art therapy sessions to people with                 epilepsy. We will provide participants with the freedom to create art – to               draw, paint or sculpt using a variety of  mediums. Through their                             participation, attendees will be given the opportunity to strengthen their                 artistic voice, express emotions through art, and share with the group, as             desired.

  • Why should I attend a studio E Art Program?

          We recognize that living with epilepsy can be challenging, and  it’s                         our hope that this program will provide attendees with an outlet to                         express their emotions about epilepsy that may be  difficult to explain to               others.

  • Do I need any type of art experience?

          No, everyone is welcomed in the program. You don't have to have                       experience with art to join.  Beginners and non-artists are welcomed.

  • Who can register for this free art therapy program?

           Any adult with epilepsy is encouraged to register for this                                       event. 

  Dates for the 2016 Maine Art Therapy Program:

Stay tuned for next year's program

Where: The Creative Child and Adult Arts Program, 152 US Route 1, Scarborough, ME