Understanding and Assisting Students with Epilepsy

Andrew Stevens, 12, owns a seizure response dog that can help him when he has seizures. Andrew has a rare form of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which can result in many seizures a day. Andrew's parents say his dog, Alaya, can protect Andrew when he has a seizure, and even help stop a seizure from happening by swiping a magnet over a device in Andrew's chest.

Molly's video has been produced as part of our Epilepsy Smart Schools program. Molly has Dravet Syndrome and her epilepsy is uncontrolled and quite different from most common forms of epilepsy. She is delightful who requires very specific management of her time at school, she has an integration aide and the staff have been given the right resources to handle it properly.

Improve understanding about epilepsy in the classroom. Shows actual seizures, describes first aid and management, and stresses importance of early recognition.