For Job Seekers and Employees with Epilepsy:

  • Information and Referral - Employment related information.

  • Epilepsy Training and Education for Your Employer

  • Workshops and Conferences - Listed under events and conferences.

  • Life Coaching for Employment - This service includes:

    • Meeting one-to-one with a coach by phone or in person every other week for one hour sessions.

    • Setting up goals, making action steps, and helping reach those goals towards employment. 

  • Videos for anyone with an interest in epilepsy and employment: Coming Soon.

  • Videos licensed for only our Employment Program members: Are you a member of our Employment Program? Click here to enter your password. Need a password? Click here to contact:

    • Support group for employment

    • Case Management

    • Internships

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For Employers/Businesses:

  • Information and Referral - Employment related information.
  • Epilepsy Education For Employers                                   
  • Interns - Need an intern? Contact Lynn Dann at 617-506-6041 ext.106.

  • Employer Network - Contact us at 617-506-6041 or email:


For Employment Services Providers and other Service Providers:

  • Information and Referral - Employment related information.
  • Epilepsy Education For Employment  or Other Service Providers
  • Employment Service Provider Network Contact us at 617-506-6041 or email:


For Volunteers: 

Serve on the Employment Program Committee

  • Help with Program Development - Volunteer committee members help guide program development. 
  • Diverse Membership Group - People with epilepsy and their family members, service providers, and employers are encouraged to apply for a limited number of membership positions.
  • Accessible - Meetings take place by the phone or over the computer.
  • To Apply - Contact us at 617-506-6041 or email:

Serve as an Employment/Life Coach

Resource Partners


Work Without Limits

  • Raise the Bar Hire! MA Conference/Career Fair
  • MA Regional Career Fairs
  • B2B MA Employer Network & Employer Training
  • Jobs Without Limits
    • A unique online job site created to connect job seekers with disabilities with committed employers in Massachusetts. Visit today to get started.
    • FREE for job seekers
    • Accessible (WCAG 2.0 Compliant)
    • Jobs from leading Massachusetts employers   


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Other resources for job seekers and employees with epilepsy, businesses/employers, and service providers

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